A Bill that enables territorial authorities to decide whether shops in their district can trade on Easter Sunday has passed its third reading in Parliament this afternoon.

“The Shop Trading Hours Amendment Bill is a pragmatic and well-balanced Bill which provides choice for local communities on whether or not to allow shop trading on Easter Sunday while also improving protections to all shop employees,” Mr Woodhouse says.

“All shop employees will now have the right to refuse to work on Easter Sunday without being required to give a reason. They will also be able to take a personal grievance if they are treated adversely or compelled to work on Easter Sunday.

“This acknowledges the significance of Easter Sunday for many people, and that some employees may want to spend the day with their families instead of working.”

Under the process for a local policy change for Easter Sunday shop trading, territorial authorities will:

only be able to determine whether to allow shop trading on Easter Sunday be able to determine whether to allow shop trading on Easter Sunday across their entire district or in certain limited areas need to consult their communities using the Special Consultative Procedure on any local policy that would allow shop trading on Easter Sunday have to review the first local policy created for Easter Sunday shop trading once no later than five years after its adoption.

Further information is available at www.mbie.govt.nz/info-services/employment-skills/legislation-reviews/easter-sunday-shop-trading

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